Known Customer Security Acceptance

Please fill out our online Security Acceptance form below and submit to us. Alternatively you can download a PDF version below or for more information contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 800 841.

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Applicant's Details

We hereby acknowledge and accept that our organisation must and will continue to meet the security requirements as set out below in order to be recognised as a ‘known customer’ of New Zealand Couriers Ltd.

  • We will ensure that we have processes in place so only intended items are contained in our consignment of cargo or documents.
  • Every non document consignment is accompanied by a statement of content in the form of a consignment note and Commercial Invoice. Where only documents are shipped, a consignment note with a description of goods will suffice.
  • Every consignment will be protected in a manner that enables New Zealand Couriers Ltd to identify whether a consignment has been tampered with.

Consent of Disclosure