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NZC Authority to Leave Form

HOME : NZC Authority to Leave Form

By completing this application you are providing New Zealand Couriers with the authority to leave this current consignment and any and all future consignments addressed to the address listed below, at the location specified and you give authority for the New Zealand Couriers courier to sign for any signature required item on your behalf.

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Receiver's Details

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Company Name:
(If applicable)
Receiver's Full Name: *
Address: *
Suburb/City: *
Phone: *
Email: *
Location of Barcode: *
(Dry, safe, secure and easily accessible location away from the street sight i.e. under deck/behind BBQ/back door etc.)

It is New Zealand Couriers policy that items are not left at unattended / non secure premises, without prior written approval of the receiver. Further, that when such approval is given it is with the knowledge the receiver accepts full liability for all items left at the listed premises / location. Completing this form provides such authority and authorises the New Zealand Couriers courier to sign for items on our behalf, where a signature has been requested. This Authority supersedes any previous authority.

For the avoidance of doubt, the authorisation permits New Zealand Couriers to leave items at the pre-arranged point regardless of whether the premises are attended or unattended.

Please note that the New Zealand Couriers contract is with the sender, our customer. While the majority of the time an authority to leave by a receiver is acceptable, there may be a few occasions where New Zealand Couriers is specifically instructed by a sender NOT to allow an authority to leave. On such occasions our courier will have to leave a card to call regardless of an authority given by a receiver.

I agree to indemnify New Zealand Couriers of any loss or damage to the consignment as a result of being left on the property mentioned above. This agreement will remain in place until either party requests to alter or cancel the agreement in writing. *
I am over 18 years of age and legally entitled to receive alcoholic products. *
Location provided above has no dogs or obstructions for the New Zealand Couriers courier. *
Does the location you have chosen require keys or swipe cards to access? *
I, (receiver's full name) confirm that I am the lawful occupier of the address listed and authorise New Zealand Couriers to leave all items for the address listed at the location indicated above. I agree to all the terms listed above.